Tubes is a small survival horror project I am working on alone in my free time. The goal of the project is to “complete the loop” and finish an complete and playable game all by myself, going through all aspects of production.

This project is currently in developement.

Core Gameplay

In Tubes the player explores a mysterious yet creepy machinery consisting of water filled tubes forming a maze like structure. Carefully paying attention to the surrounding sounds and the flow of the water helps the player to find leaks which need to be repaired. Unfortunately the player is not alone in this maze and is hunted by an anglerfish like creature.

Deep Sea Anglefish by Peter Davids

Since I am currently developing the game I would like to show some of the programming work that went into the project already. Unity offers great functionality for pathfinding in 3D surroundings but that pathfinding happens on a surface. So I needed to write a solution that would allow the player and the anglerfish monster to navigate the 3D space based on a volume. I came up with a system utilising my own implementation of the common A*-algorithm performed on a graph I generate with the help of waypoints.

The next steps in developement are:

  • Integrating additional game mechanics
    (smaller tubes, flares, vents)
  • Sound design for environment and feedback sounds
  • Increasing visual diversity in the level to help orientation

You can read more about my finished projects here