Formal Education:

• Gymnasium (RTG Schwerte): 2009 – 2017
• Abitur with 1,5 in 2017
(LKs/Main Courses: Biology & Mathematics)
• Game Design (B.Sc.) at the MdH in Düsseldorf: 2018
I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in early 2022

Extracurricular Work:

Chief Editor and creative director of our high schools award winning magazine. Being in
charge of a team with over 15 editors taught me how to manage complex projects under time
pressure and in a busy environment. It also improved my team work and people handling skills and made me a confident communicator.

Member of the students’ council: This taught me a lot about taking responsibility and
how to communicate with students, teachers and school management and discovering that
compromise is sometimes needed to achieve solutions that work for all involved. During the end of schoolyear festival my school threw in 2015 I spearheaded the organisation of a ralley game for the entire school of roughly 500 students. The ralley was a competitive game between groups of students for which I designed the rules and concept. For my work in this project and its huge success my school decided to specially honor me that year.

Work and Travel year:

After my Abitur in 2017 I spent roughly one year in Australia. The most significant jobs I warked in to pay for my travels are listed below:
Cafe all-rounder in a busy café on Chapel Street Melbourne with experience as bar staff. For this job I also got trained as barista. (1 month)
Manager of a gelato shop which I ran all by myself in a large Melbourne food market. (2 months)
Supervisor on a rasperry farm. As supervisor I was in charge of my own team of 30-40 people. My duties included Quality Assurance, organising the pickers and making sure they had good work conditions. (2 months)

Game Titles:

Here is a chronological list of all titles I worked on during my studies with short descriptions. Please follow the links if you want to learn more about a project and my role in it:

Nachtmahr: An asymmetrical Survival-Horror Multiplayer Game. 3 Players try to escape from a mansion while the fourth player builds it as the innocent players explore it trying to find clues that help help solve the codes at the exits. Once the fourth player has built enough rooms they can transform into a demon and hunt the other players using various abilities and curses for a short time. after that they have to return to extending the maze of the mansion to gather enough power to materialise again and stop the innocent players from escaping. In this project I was responsible for Systemdesign, Leveldesign, Netcode, Gameplay Programming and Sound.
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Shadows over London: A turn based strategy game set in a destroyed London overrun by monsters from the lovecraftian horror genre. The player controls 5 survivors of the initial attack who the player needs to lead to safety (or die trying) using their unique abilities and the environment to their advantage. Each of the survivors has a personality and will respond to things that happen in the game. It is a very tough game and making sure all survivors make it to the end can be a daunting challenge. In this project I was responsible for designing combat mechanics, Producing, Gameplay programming and pitching.
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The Eden Project: A cooperative puzzle game in which two players need to work together to save a colony-ship from crashing into a star by solving asymmetrical puzzles. At the same time they need to pursue their own agendas and decide whether they can trust their partner. The whole experince is designed around the theme of trust. In this project (which is my current semester project) I am responsible for designing the puzzles, creating the story and doing sound design.
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Jury Work:

Jury Member for the 2020 “GermanDevDays” Awards in the category “Best Game” and “Best Concept”

Jury Member for the 2020 “GermanDevDays Förderstiftung” which aims at supporting students and newcomers in the German gaming industry.

Jury Member for the upcoming 2021 “GermanDevDays” Awards in the category “Best Concept”

Skills and Qualifications:

German: native language
English: CAE certificate on C2 level qualifying as “native speaker”
Excellent communication and presentation skills
Dealing with stressful situations in a busy environment on time
Educated and trained as mediator in school
C# in Unity
Blueprints in Unreal


MS Office

Other Interests:

Sports: Jiu-Jutsu (Martial Art), swimming
Music: Piano, Singing, Guitar
Activities: Larping (Life Action Roleplay), Scouting

If you would like to get to know me more personally you can do so on my about-me page.