Category: Physical

Short Mystery Movie: Skriptorium

In my fourth semester I started a movie project with a few of my friends and fellow students. Unfortunately we had to rewrite the script a couple times to accomodate for hygiene guidelines. As Iwas responsable for writing the screenplay I decided to go more into a mystery direction as that worked better with the […]

Board Game: Deal With It

Das Spiel mit den fiesen Krisen / Be the Master of Disaster Deal With It is a fully playable boardgame I created in 2018. The goal of the game is to manage ressources and deal with catastrophies that randomly affect the game. Since the last remaining player wins the game they can either try to […]

Card Game: Battle Monsters

Battle Monsters is the prototype for a collectible card game I conceptualised in 2016. Two players try to reduce each other’s life points to zero by summoning monsters and casting spells on them to either weaken or strengthen them. Most monsters also have special abilities which can be used to gain a strategic advantage. The […]