Das Spiel mit den fiesen Krisen / Be the Master of Disaster

Deal With It is a fully playable boardgame I created in 2018. The goal of the game is to manage ressources and deal with catastrophies that randomly affect the game. Since the last remaining player wins the game they can either try to play defensively and focus on building a healthy and self sufficient city or spend ressources to sabotage the other players and try to eliminate them from the game first. Deal With It is the perfect game for people who love to trick their friends and focuses heavily on competition.

The Setting

Humanities recklessness and destruction of our planet has driven the human race to the brink of extinction. Only a couple settlements lead by the last humans at the now unfrozen south pole try to scramble for the last availible ressources. Unfortunately humanity has sealed its fate and now it is only a question of who can survive the longest. Each player controlls one settlement. They are in close proximity to each other and constantly fight over resources and the last few patches of fertile land. During each players turn they gather their ressources, try to meet their populations needs and draw a catastrophy card. These catastrophies sometimes need to be resolved immediatly, sometimes they have ongoing effects, sometimes the palyers have time to prepare for them and sometimes they affect more than one player. It is just a matter of time until eventually the players loose their last population marker and loose the game. The goal is to make sure you are the last survivor one way or the other.

What the players do

One of the features of Deal With It is that depending on the number of players the board of the game is rearranged to accomodate all players and give them a fair starting position. Each player get to put down one tile according to the layouts provided by the rule manual.

Depending on how big each players population is they get certain abilities on their turn. Players draw Action Cards which allow them to either help defend against catastrophies or sabotage other players. They can also build new buildings that produce ressources or trade ressources with other players. But they will also need ressources to play Action cards, create buildings, stop catastrophies and most importantly meet the needs of their population. Every population has three basic demands:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Food

If the player can not provide enough ressources their population will slowly die. But stealing ressources from your opponents or destroying their production facilities can be a good strategy to ensure your population will live longer than that of your opponents.

German Action Cards

There is a large element of cooperation to the game however as working together with other players can greatly help with fighting for survival. Sometimes it is even required if catastrophies affect multiple players. The challenge is finding a delicate balance between sabotaging and betraying players and working with the cooperatively.

English Catastrophy Cards