As part of my third semester I was assigned to create a 3D model and go through the entire pipeline of asset production with it. The model I created is based on a concept art for the houses of the Auroran people in the game “Fable”. I chose this piece of concept art from a large pool of options our lecturer made available to us because I liked the challenge of creating textures that portrayed the rough conditions they would have been exposed to in an actual desert. Another reason was to see if I could recreate the mysterious and ominous atmosphere of the house.

During the process of creating the 3D Model in Maya I learned not only a lot about the process and techniques of creating a 3D mesh for a game but also discovered that I enjoyed the process. To my surprise I found the texturing especially rewarding as that seemed to really bring Life into my model. I enjoyed applying different techniques such as handpainting and generating textures from abstract unicolored patterns and layering them upon each other in Substance Painter. I learned quite a lot in the texturing process and had to go back a few times to correct errors I had initially made when UV-wrapping the mesh in Maya.

While I do not intend to pursue a career as an artist in the videogame industry I have found a new appreciation for the artists and their workflows. Although I spent many hours and encountered a lot of frustrating moments I am very happy with the end result. Putting it all together in Unreal, lighting the scene and seeing I achieved my goal of creating an atmosphere of mystery and solitude felt extremely rewarding. And despite my first experiences with Maya, Texturing and Unreal I received an A level grade for this assignment.

A full resolution version can be found here…

Note: The background and desert environment were NOT part of my assignment. They are from a pack called “Elite Landscapes: Desert” by Velarion which can be found in the Unreal Marketplace.