In the second semester we were tasked with creating a 2D flat surface arcade game focusing on scientific aspects of seafaring, aviation or space travel. We already conceptualised the game in the first semester but were asked to change the concept. Information about the previous concept can be found here.

Polymeere Trailer | 2nd Semester

The title “Polymeere” is a wordplay on the German word for sea and the chemical name for common plastics. In this game two players are tasked with cleaning the ocean from various types of trash before the eco system collapses. In this project I composed the music, did the sound design, programmed some gameplay features but mainly took on responsibilities as the producer.

Each player controls one of the boats and tried to collect as much trash as possible. Which types of trash can be collected by which boat is indicated by matching the boats colour and with the frame around the trash. Good communication between the players is important to avoid one ship getting in the way of the other. Since the game os lost when one player runs out of hearts the players can move lives between themselves.

Here is some music I composed for Polymeere:

Adrenalin – 2019 – Background Music
Oister Tune – 2019 – Menu Music