The entries listed here showcase the projects I worked on and not their design processes. For insights as to how I design games please have a look at my featured projects. But feel free to take a look around if you want to learn more about my passions.

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  • Short Mystery Movie: Skriptorium
    In my fourth semester I started a movie project with a few of my friends and fellow students. Unfortunately we had to rewrite the script a couple times to accomodate for hygiene guidelines. As Iwas responsable […]
  • Surviving: Shadows over London
    Gameplay Since the game is divided into turns the player can take as long as they want to decide what each survivor they control should do on their turn. Survivors can be controlled independently of each […]
  • Horror Game: Tubes
    Tubes is a small survival horror project I am working on alone in my free time. The goal of the project is to “complete the loop” and finish an complete and playable game all by myself, […]
  • The asymmetrical “Nachtmahr”
    The project in my third semester was titled “Nachtmahr” which is the old word for a creature that causes nightmares in German folklore. This project was my first project 3D in the Unreal Engine and also […]
  • The Innsmouth Case – Music
    In 2019 I was asked by the developers of a humorous choose-your-own-adventure type of game set in the classic lovecraftian Innsmouth setting to create soundtracks to accompany the story and convey the mood of certain scenes […]
  • Auroran House
    As part of my third semester I was assigned to create a 3D model and go through the entire pipeline of asset production with it. The model I created is based on a concept art for […]
  • Arcade Game: Polymeere
    In the second semester we were tasked with creating a 2D flat surface arcade game focusing on scientific aspects of seafaring, aviation or space travel. We already conceptualised the game in the first semester but were […]
  • Animation: Wretched Things
    In my 3rd semester I created a 2D animation as poart of my studies telling the short story about someone coping with confidence issues and anxiety.
  • Soundscape: Shadow Maker
    As an ongoing project starting in 2013 I created various atmospheric soundscapes through experimental use of sound design software. I published all these sounds under a creative commons 0 license because I wanted to enable other […]
  • Board Game: Deal With It
    Das Spiel mit den fiesen Krisen / Be the Master of Disaster Deal With It is a fully playable boardgame I created in 2018. The goal of the game is to manage ressources and deal with […]
  • Card Game: Battle Monsters
    Battle Monsters is the prototype for a collectible card game I conceptualised in 2016. Two players try to reduce each other’s life points to zero by summoning monsters and casting spells on them to either weaken […]

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