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What motivates me:

For me games are equally valuable as an artform, entertainment as well as a form of education. Through my career I have seen and experienced how games can deeply touch us and create real and valuable experiences seemingly out of nothing. I believe that games can play an important role in our lives when we design them to provide us with worthwhile and enriching experiences. If done right they exceed entertainment and have the potential to inspire, encourage and provoke us to think outside the box and to broaden our horizon. And that is precisely what I want to do. Games should always be engaging and “fun” in one way or the other. But they can create situations in which we need to examine our own beliefs, confront and overcome the barriers we construct in our minds.

I want to create experiences that positively affect the players, maybe give them something to think or to wonder about. I want to design experiences that are enriching, inspiring and encouraging. Playing is a natural human behaviour and I believe we can utilise that instinct to play to create an impact on humanity that transcends the game itself, touches and moves the people. This could simply mean providing a fun activity to unwind after a long day of work or turning a rainy Sunday afternoon into a wonderful awe-inspiring journey through mystical worlds. But it can also mean encouraging players to think outside the box, or to learn new skills. Or it could mean creating an experience in which players need to confront their fears or ethical principles.

Interactivity gives us the opportunity to create worlds and spaces that can safely be explored and engaged with regardless of what ideas they contain. We can create situations that test our abilities and provoke thought. Creating games that move people and inspire is not only my goal but also my passion. Studying Game Design was an obvious choice for me and I hope that I can become a part of the industry and work on my first titles outside of my studies soon.

The road so far:

I was always a very creative person and already had a particular interest in games. So already as a child I started experimenting with games and their rules, trying to find out why they were as they were or coming up with my own variations and testing out how that affected the play. I started with board games but already at a young age started to explore the possibilities with videogames. My earliest attempts at making digital games probably were in Minecraft, where I first used Redstone-Mechanics and, when they got added later, scriptable command blocks to create Minigames, so called “Adventure Maps” containing a narrative and later to recreate already known games within Minecraft. As soon as I started learning how to code in school using Scratch I started to explore the possibilities and switched to Java, after quickly discovering the limitations of the visual scripting in Scratch.

I know that there are many things I can still improve at and learn about. I am just starting my journey into the actual industry, leaving the safety of the classroom and entering the reality of a business driven by sales figures. And I know (and hope) I will come across many new challenges so that I can keep improving and learning. But luckily, I like a good challenge or new riddle I can solve.

Interests and Hobbies:

I am going to share a few more personal things about myself here. I feel like if you are looking into hiring me you should know a little about what kind of person I am outside of the business life. So here is an incomplete list of the shenanigans I am up to when not working on games:

Next to games I really like music. I enjoy listening as well as composing and performing. I play the piano and used to be lead singer in my band at school. Currently I am looking for a theatre group to join because honestly I must admit I miss performing on stage a little. And since theatre always interested me I want to give that a go and see how it goes.

While I also enjoy boardgames a lot I do prefer activities outside and that is why I am absolutely in love with LARPing. That stands for Live Action RolePlay and every year I am attending the worlds biggest Larp event. It basically works like an RPG would , but people dress up as their character and act all of the things out you’d usually do with a click of your mouse. It can be quite exhausting running around in a forrest all day if you have to atually do it instead of just hammering WASD all the time. And since I started LARPing I also stopped complaining about small stamina bars in games. Oh and by the way: I play a half human half lizard healer if you’re curious. Yes, LARP is weird. Its also fun though.

Last thing I’d like to share is my passion for travelling. After finishing school I spent almost one year in Australia meeting fantasic places and wonderful people. I love making new discoveries and there has not been a semester break in which I stayed at home all the time. I find that travelling helps to put things into perspective and help discover new ways of thinking. Regardless of hiking alone or with friends I find that being out in the world helps me to center myself and gather creative energy. And ultimately I think that a Game Designer needs to make experiences so he can try to create them within games. And for me that basically means, that I want to live my life to the fullest and experience all the wonderful things this world has to offer. And eventhough I can’t be certain about what path lies before I am excited about where it will take me.

Lake St. Clair and Cradle Mountain National Park – Tasmania, Australia 2018